Mining Platform

Managing terrahashes worth of miners is fun to do, but takes a lot of your time.

ButAds would like to make your world easier with the Mining Platform!

The Mining Platform monitors and alerts you when a miner isn’t operating as it should be. It shows what miners are online, which aren’t and many other stats. It is designed with large-scale mines in mind, and allows you to monitor multiple datacenters from one easy portal.

Miners in your network are automatically detected and added to the network:



On The Mining Platform you can draw floor maps and assign these miners to a place on the map, making it even easier to find out which miners are misbehaving.


Remote management

The Mining Platform gives insights into your miners speed, temperature, chip health but also allows you to manage where the miner mines. A
Additionally you can manage remote mines with the ButAds remote connection.

This allows you to directly access the GUI of you miner no matter where you are in the world, all of this, right from the Mining Platform