About us

Let us tell you about our Bitcoin mining and managing ventures


We are an enthusiastic Dutch-based Bitcoin mining software company. We got multiple years of experience in the field of Bitcoin-mining.

We started mining in the early days when CPU-mining was still possible. When this was not profitable anymore we moved over to GPU-based mining. In the end of 2013 we got our first set of ASIC chips.

Not 5 months later over 100 ASIC devices to keep up with our competition. We currently got about 80 Terrahash/second mining for our own, and are managing over 1 petahash worth of miners from other partners.

Our vision is to become the largest Bitcoin miner managing company in Europe. We want to achieve this by investing time and effort in our relations with other large-scale miners, and try to lighten the burden on their resources by actively seeking out innovative ways to manage large farms.

We believe that the power of Bitcoin lies in it’s strongly distributed environment. So naturally we also offer high-quality hosting locations for other Bitcoin miners, and are willing to share our expertise with them. We’ve developed software which can monitor Bitcoin-mining hardware from all major vendors. This allows us to monitor all miners 24/7  and detect failures in an early stage.


Late 2014 we are building out our monitoring software to accommodate larger miners. We have teamed up with ASICSPACE to create even larger miners. The software we are creating will create an easier platform to manage your miners.

If you would like to host your miners cheaply, we recommend sending a miner to our partner ASICSPACE, which specializes in Bitcoin miner hosting.